Truck Update 9/16/18

  • Started habitat lift and scheduling
  • Purchased furniture dollies for moving habitat in shop
  • Coordinated with local crane company about habitat lift
  • Jacked up habitat and laced it on caster dollies
  • Moved habitat box to opposite side of shop
  • Started preparing for habitat lift
  • Lifted habitat onto subframe
  • Aligned, bonded, and bolted habitat to subframe
  • Installed
    • Rock guards
    • Rear fenders
    • Sand ladders
    • Passenger jerry can mount
    • Rear pintal
    • Shovel on roof rack
  • Removed protective film from outside of habitat
  • Installed spare tire on rear frame

Habitat Lift

Today was a big day for the project. We crane lifted our @totalcomposites habitat box onto our U1300L this evening. The habitat is temporarily sitting on wooden blocks, so it’s sitting about 4” higher than it will. We will be re-positioning and securing it to the torsion free subframe in the next few days.

Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Habitat Sitting on Our Truck for the First Time!
Habitat Sitting on Our Truck for the First Time!

Truck Update 9/9/18

  • Installed roof hatch spoiler
  • Adjusted door captures on habitat
  • Made templates for melamine on back wall of cab
  • Received grip tape and VHB
  • Laid out and cut melamine acoustic insulation for cab using templates
  • Applied grip tape to access ladders and steps
  • Melamine acoustic insulation bond test
  • Prepped and painted passenger side jerry can mount
  • Bonded melamine foam to rear cab wall
  • Truck cleaning session
  • Temporarily reinstalled driver seat
  • Reinstalled front grill
  • Prepped and coated tail lights with spar urethane

Truck Update 9/2/18

  • Ordered MC4 solar panel cable extensions
  • Machined copper bus bar
  • Purchased electrical boxes for solar wiring
  • Fit checked cable junction box on habitat roof
  • Milled back of electrical junction box flat
  • Received MC4 solar panel wires
  • Ordered MC4 15 amp solar panel fuses
  • Ordered gland nuts, ring terminals, and other electrical hardware
  • Started laying out large electrical junction box
  • Cut aluminum for roof wire hold down plates
  • Continued laying out large electrical junction box
  • Received gland nuts and ring terminals
  • Crimped and shrink wrapped 4 gauge ring terminal
  • Made gland nut template for junction box
  • Bored gland nut holes in junction box
  • Received MC4 15 amp inline fuses
  • Completed fabrication of junction box
  • Milled slots in aluminum roof wire hold down plates
  • Bonded junction box to roof
  • Deburred and applied VHB to roof wire hold down plates
  • Installed fuses and routed solar wires on roof
  • Fabricated junction box lid hold down plate
  • Final wired junction box
  • Closed out junction box
  • Final routed 4 gauge habitat power wires

Truck Update 7/29/18

  • Assembled 4 Råskog interior cabinets
  • Frosted cabinet glass using window film
  • Assembled kitchen locker
  • Touched up paint on kitchen locker
  • Paint prepped roof rack storage bins
  • Painted roof rack storage bins

Truck Update 7/22/18

  • Started planning interior wall attachment design
  • Reviewed feasibility of adding a small motorcycle or bicycles to our rig
  • Added side and rear colored reflectors
  • Fit checked solar panels on roof and verified mounting locations
  • Wired forward marker lights
  • Electrically tested end to end wiring of:
    • Marker lights
    • Over bed lights
    • Fantastic fan/vent
    • Roof hatch lights
    • Roof hatch motor
  • Replaced reflectors on sides of cab
  • Inspected fuel injection pump governor (RSV 350 type)
  • Finalized solar mounting plan
  • Started researching fuel injection pump governor setting
  • Prepped and painted cabinet doors
  • Broke down packaging for recycling
  • Verified engine, injection pump, and governor numbers
  • Prepped and painted cabinet sides, door pulls, and striker plates
  • Verified engine idle RPM and governed max RPM
  • Checked tachometer using manual strobotac
  • Prepped and painted cabinet backs and shelves
  • Fixed polarity on over bed LED reading lights
  • Researched injection pump tuning information
  • Purchased cabinet paint and cabinet door covering material
  • Priced bed support material at hardware store
  • Prepped and painted cabinet tops and bottoms
  • Fabricated all aluminum angle mounting brackets for solar panels
  • Attached mounting brackets to solar panels using 3M VHB #4952 and aluminum pop rivets
  • Bonded solar panels to roof of habitat using Korapop 225
    • Aluminum was primed using Sika 205
    • Panels were held in place during cure using 3M double sided tape
  • Cooked dinner using alcohol stove
    • We are trying different types of alcohol. Sunnyside alcohol had a really strong odor. Kleanstrip alcohol was odor free.
  • Continued researching backup transportation bicycle options
  • Started researching sideways slides for our Dometic refrigerator

Truck Update 7/15/18

  • Organized electrical supplies
  • Wired marker lights on rear frame
  • Replaced 12V marker lights with 24V LED bulbs
  • Tested marker lights
  • Test fit rear frame
  • Increased rear frame hole clearance
  • Bonded and installed rear frame
  • Installed ladder on rear frame
  • Installed hoist side strut on rear frame
  • Final wired rear marker lights
  • Sealed forward and both side panel to extrusion joints with Korapop 225
  • Sealed roof to extrusion joints with Korapop 225
  • Researched folding bike options
  • Started reviewing roof rack layout modifications
  • Received BattleBorn batteries from Sunsense Solar
  • Fabricated rain guard for habitat side passthrough
  • Fabricated forward upper marker light rail
  • Mounted and wired forward upper marker lights
  • Replaced and operationally checked forward marker light bulbs with 24V LED
  • Placed reflective tape around upper corners of rear panel
  • Drilled and tapped rain guard mounting holes in habitat side passthrough frame
  • Bonded and installed rain guard with Korapop 225
  • Bonded forward upper marker light rail
    • We held the rail in place with 3M double sided tape while the Korapop 225 cured
  • Purchased reflectors for habitat