Truck Update: 10/14/18

  • Fabricated plates to secure center dash panel
  • Drilled and tapped center dash panel
  • Painted plates to secure center dash panel
  • Researched and selected fuse upgrade for winch wiring
  • Purchased hole saw for mounting deadbolt in passthrough door
  • Started bond prepping passthrough door parts
  • Marked out deadbolt location on passthrough door
  • Finished center dash panel installation
  • Sealed backup camera electrical connectors
  • Replaced backup camera bolts with proper grip
  • Secured air lines and wires on chassis
  • Cleaned and photographed data tags on pneumatic system
  • Cleaned underneath dash on driver side: brake, clutch, etc.
  • Researched air dryer cold climate systems
  • Drilled passthrough door deadbolt lock hole
  • Dry assembled and prepped passthrough door
  • Primed all passthrough door parts with Sika 205 activator
  • Final assembled passthrough door using Korapop 225
  • Masked and RTV sealed cab side passthrough frame
  • Measured for dynamat
  • Researched fusible links for house batteries
  • Cleaned passthrough bellows material
  • Prepped and cleaned passthrough frame
  • Installed passthrough bellows
  • Trimmed excess passthrough bellow material
  • Tested bonding passthrough material (EPDM) with Lord adhesive 7545 – mediocre bond strength
  • Installed passthrough door hinges
  • Trimmed passthrough door for better fit
  • Installed passthrough door
  • Started comparing hab interior structure options
  • Tested bonding passthrough bellow material (EPDM) with cyanoacrylate (super glue) – very good bond strength
  • Added weather stripping to passthrough door
  • Marked location of striker plate on passthrough door jam
  • Trimmed and bonded passthrough bellows
  • Installed passthrough door lock
  • Cut strike plate hole in passthrough door frame
  • Trimmed passthrough door hinge pin to length
  • Disposed of unneeded composite panel
  • Disposed of leftover roof rack material

A note about bonding passthrough bellows:

We got our passthrough bellows from Uni-grip, but they are also available from other suppliers like Total Composites. The bellows are made out of EPDM high density foam rubber. EPDM can be a little tricky to bond, and we tried several adhesives in tests. Cyanoacrylate (super glue) was by far the best and in tests; the rubber failed before the adhesive/bond. It’s actually pretty tricky to bond all of the corrugated bellows surface at the same time, so we found that the only practical way to bond the bellows was to bond one pleat at a time. We trimmed the bellows for a 1 1/4″ overlap.


Truck Update: 10/7/18

  • Removed blank plug from dash for reverse camera shutoff switch
  • Modified blanking plate for reverse camera shutoff switch
  • Started body working forward passenger fender
  • Installed rear camera display switch
  • Test fit passthrough accordion seal
  • Measured cab interior light switch position
  • Fabricated cab interior light switch bracket
  • Installed cab interior light switch bracket and switch
  • Received sound deadening floor mats from Atkinson Vos
  • Finished cab light installation
  • Rounded sharp corners of passthrough frame
  • Tested cab audio system with USB MP3 files
  • Final mounted marker light relay under dash
  • Capped off unneeded audio wires in cab
  • Stowed 24V marker light wires in cab
  • Finished body working forward passenger fender
  • Prepped, primed, and painted forward passenger fender
  • Rewired ground wiring for winch
  • Secured all winch wiring
  • Rewired cab stereo and speakers

Truck Update 10/2/2018

  • Trimmed sand ladder spacers for better fit
  • Injection pump correspondence
  • Installed EGT gauge in exhaust manifold
  • Inspected turbocharger
  • Fabricated and painted EGT gauge mount bracket
  • Disassembled dash to gain wiring access
  • Ran power for EGT gauge from tachometer circuit breaker
  • Final installed EGT gauge
  • Ran power off of 12V converter for backup camera
  • Installed backup camera and monitor on dash
  • Replaced faulty power plug on backup camera monitor
  • Started troubleshooting cab side marker light wiring
  • Shortened reverse camera monitor mount height
  • Finalized reverse camera installation
  • Final wired all habitat marker lights
  • Final wired fog lights
  • Let the smoke out of several 24V rated LED bulbs in marker lights. Evidently they were not rated for 24V.
  • Continued troubleshooting cab side marker light wiring
  • Added a 24V triggered 12V supply relay to power all marker lights
  • Capped and terminated unneeded military light wires
  • Reassembled dash and organized all wiring harnesses

Truck Update 9/23/18

  • Inquired about purchasing a subset of the U1300L sound deadening kit from Atkinson Vos
  • Inspected winch power cables
  • Inquired with several companies about fuel injection pump upgrade options
  • Ordered and received small, temporary habitat ventilation fan for airing out habitat
  • Purchased indoor/outdoor carpet for areas inside cab
  • Tested alternate adhesive for melamine foam
  • Started making lists of provisioning goods for trips
    • Ordered and received JBL Charge 3 speaker for cab and habitat
    • Ordered and received walkie talkies
    • Purchased mosquito head netting
  • Fabricated lower aft marker light brackets
  • Fabricated backup camera mount
  • Replaced fog lights with new LED lights
  • Bonded on lower rear marker light
  • Installed passenger side LED external strip light
  • Picked location for:
    • EGT gauge readout
    • Backup camera monitor
  • Final wired passenger side LED external strip light
  • Started wiring lower aft marker lights


Truck Update 9/16/18

  • Started habitat lift and scheduling
  • Purchased furniture dollies for moving habitat in shop
  • Coordinated with local crane company about habitat lift
  • Jacked up habitat and laced it on caster dollies
  • Moved habitat box to opposite side of shop
  • Started preparing for habitat lift
  • Lifted habitat onto subframe
  • Aligned, bonded, and bolted habitat to subframe
  • Installed
    • Rock guards
    • Rear fenders
    • Sand ladders
    • Passenger jerry can mount
    • Rear pintal
    • Shovel on roof rack
  • Removed protective film from outside of habitat
  • Installed spare tire on rear frame

Habitat Lift

Today was a big day for the project. We crane lifted our @totalcomposites habitat box onto our U1300L this evening. The habitat is temporarily sitting on wooden blocks, so it’s sitting about 4” higher than it will. We will be re-positioning and securing it to the torsion free subframe in the next few days.

Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Prep for Lift
Habitat Sitting on Our Truck for the First Time!
Habitat Sitting on Our Truck for the First Time!

Truck Update 9/9/18

  • Installed roof hatch spoiler
  • Adjusted door captures on habitat
  • Made templates for melamine on back wall of cab
  • Received grip tape and VHB
  • Laid out and cut melamine acoustic insulation for cab using templates
  • Applied grip tape to access ladders and steps
  • Melamine acoustic insulation bond test
  • Prepped and painted passenger side jerry can mount
  • Bonded melamine foam to rear cab wall
  • Truck cleaning session
  • Temporarily reinstalled driver seat
  • Reinstalled front grill
  • Prepped and coated tail lights with spar urethane