Truck Update 12/16/18

  • Trimmed FRP panel to edge of shower area divider
  • Started laying out cabinet on shower area divider
  • Researched house diesel tank options
  • Sanded and applied final coat of paint on bed walls
  • Clearanced passenger side table mount rail for wire clearance
  • Tested new ladder installation with multiple people
  • Evaluated kitchen backsplash material
  • Evaluated entry ladder as rear ladder extension
  • Received
    • Sirocco II fan
    • Ground power plug
    • Inline GFI brekers
    • Ground power outlet strip
  • Bonded oak trim to shower area divider
  • Added wall bonding flange to shower area divider
  • Cut entry light hold in shower area divider
  • Planned entry grab handle location on shower area divider
  • Started fabricating calorifier enclosure / refrigerator support
  • Evaluated storage outboard of calorifier
  • Started laying out hot water plumbing routing
  • Checked subframe clearance for engine coolant to calorifier
  • Tested out ratcheting jacks for possible habitat stabilizing
  • Drilled holes for grab handle mount in shower area divider
  • Ordered grab handle mount hardware
  • Ordered most wiring and electrical connector components
  • Ordered temporary 12V power supply
  • Started laying out shower plumbing
  • Started assembly of calorifier enclosure / refrigerator support
  • Cut hole for refrigerator power socket
  • Received
    • Additional 12V power plugs
    • Pit pins for entry ladder
    • Temporary power supply
    • Wire
    • Additional electrical components

Notes on Project Productivity and Motivation

We’ve done a lot of projects like this over the years, and it is interesting to look back and note how project enthusiasm and motivation were affected by the way that we planned and executed the activity. An example would be doing all of the dirty work at the beginning of a project and having everything kitted and organized for a fun assembly at the end of a project when we are getting tired. It also helps to notice trends over the years. Sometimes a week or two will go by of really difficult, discouraging design and planning work. However, that time then causes several weeks of very easy and motivating progress. Progress is progress, even if sometimes it’s not visual progress. We have found that the biggest lessons we have learned over the years are to stay organized, plan ahead, and almost no matter what, work on the project at least a little bit each day. Even just 15 minutes a day keeps the momentum going.

That being said, this week was a little slow and frustrating researching options and trying to source systems parts. Hopefully the coming weeks will have the emotional payoff of a bunch of visual progress.