Truck Update 11/18/18

We have updated our plan for the kitchen pantry a little bit. After doing a number of fit checks, we have decided to build a custom pantry / cabinet instead of using a locker that we had previously planned to use. We may choose to salvage the face of the locker.

  • Updated measurements and revisited habitat passenger side design
  • Fabricated and installed:
    • Under sink shelf
    • Under sink cabinet partition
    • Seagull water filter mount
    • Footman’s loops for securing cabinet contents
  • Applied second coat of paint on kitchen side of bedroom wall
  • Prepped, bonded, and screwed kitchen cabinet top and back wall
  • Cut and sanded pantry door panels
  • Applied first coat of paint to pantry doors
  • Applied felt bump stops to pantry door frame
  • Applied second coat of paint to pantry doors
  • Test assembled entire lower cabinet
  • Disassembled lower kitchen cabinet and prepped for installation
  • Started designing kitchen pantry around locker face
  • Started cutting plywood for pantry sides
  • Dry fit, masked, prepped, bonded, screwed, and installed lower kitchen cabinet
  • Test fit side panel for pantry
  • Purchased lumber for pantry