Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {8/16/2020}

I feel like our blog posts for the next little while are going to start with, “This week we made good mechanical progress on the Pinzgauer.” It’s totally true, and the reality is that right now we are mostly putting effort into making the Pinzgauer mechanically sound and as reliable as we can.

This week, we focused on finishing the transfer case installation and we finished the complete refurbishment of the shift assembly. Now, every bearing and bushing between the gear shift and the transmission have been replaced. Shifting is nice and tight now, and it feels quite a bit different. When we removed the gear shift assembly, we discovered that the reverse indent pin that controls the shift pattern to get into reverse was completely missing. Apparently at some point in the truck’s life, the pin had somehow fallen out. It was previously really hard to get into reverse, so now that makes sense. I fabricated a new pin out of a tool steel dowel pin and re-reamed the installation hole for a press fit. Luckily, the parts manual has specific sizes of the components, so it was pretty easy to get right. Shifting into reverse is really positive now and you can’t get into reverse by accident.

I also finalized the installation of the reverse indicator switch for the reverse light. The switch works well but required putting the transmission in and out of reverse a bunch of times to break in all the parts. It seems to work well, though.

At the end of the week, we also started another few small things like replacing all the dash vibrex mount fasteners. They are a clever design that uses an expanding rubber plug to quickly secure the dash panel without vibration. All the old rubber had fallen apart years ago. There are 7 of them on the dash assembly, so it was nice to get them fixed up. The lead in work for next week is that I started fabricating and fit checking parts for the cab to habitat adapter. It will be a lot of work, but seems to be going together well.