Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {9/20/2020}

Surprisingly, it’s been a month since we last posted. We have actually been working behind the scenes, but haven’t had a lot to share. We have been working hard to get the custom cab roof made. We will share more about that in the next few weeks. The cab roof isn’t very interesting to share in real time as it is just evening after evening of fiberglass work and sanding.

We did complete the fabrication and installation of the custom stainless steel rear exit exhaust system this weekend. It turned out great. It’s all completely sealed with zero leaks. We think the rear exit will really help minimize exhaust smell.

The old muffler system was original to the truck from 1974. It had actually held up pretty well, but it had developed some pretty serious exhaust leaks. It was also driver side exit, like most military convoy vehicles. We had that same arrangement on our 1943 GPW, LMTV, and our Unimog. It works fine, but we never liked that it blows exhaust directly on people that are talking to you through the driver side window. Last summer, our Unimog side exhaust seemed to really annoy border crossing agents. We also don’t like the smell of gasoline engine exhaust at all. Somehow we have a lot more tolerance for diesel engine exhaust smell. Long story short, we decided to have a more conventional exhaust layout and fabricated a custom stainless steel exhaust duct to deliver the exhaust just past the rear bumper.