Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {8/9/2020}

Lots of small mechanical fixes and upgrades to the Pinzgauer chassis this week. We got the installation of a new electronic speedometer finished. It required doing a little bit of machine work on the speedometer gear retaining assembly, but it is all super nicely installed now. The speedometer wiring is finished and everything checks out, so it’s nice to know we will have an accurate speedometer going forward, once we get it calibrated.

While having the dash pulled apart for the speedometer installation, we had the opportunity to inspect and clean up the overall dash wiring, and install the wiring harness for a new electronic tachometer. The wiring is way cleaner now and everything under the dash is organized and secured. In the process, we ended up doing a ton of little electronic fixes (many grounding fixes, fixed wiper motor wiring, fixed faulty tail light…). An electrical upgrade that we are currently working on is adding a switch to the transmission so that the white reverse light on the back automatically illuminates when the transmission is put in reverse. While we had the dash pulled apart, we wired an extra dash light to come on when the vehicle is in reverse. We really liked that the Unimog had transmission gear indicator lights, so it will be nice to have a positive verification when putting the vehicle in reverse.

We continue to do maintenance work on the drive train. The gear shift is fairly tight for the vehicle’s age, but a lot of the little linkage bushings and bearings are worn, so we are replacing all of them. The shifting is getting a lot tighter with each improvement. We also started replacing the transfer case input seal that had been leaking. The truck has been super easy to work on. Sometimes we have to hop on the lathe to true up a part or fix a little damage from previous mechanics.

We are making many little random fixes as we work through everything. We replaced the passenger side window securing strap and probably a half dozen other things we are forgetting to mention here.

We are finding that some decisions are a lot easier to make on this project because of our experience building and using the Unimog. This time we are just immediately picking some of the same components that we spent a lot of time researching previously. This week we got an awesome shipment from Total Composites (now selling products as Expedition Upfitter), with a Planar diesel heater, 2 Eurovision Tern Overland windows, and a box of Korapop 225 adhesive. We also picked up a set of matching key padlocks for the exterior vehicle storage. On the Unimog, we really liked having all the padlocks common keyed, so we decided to do that again.