Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {8/2/2020}

This week, we dug into some mechanical work on the Pinzgauer. The first line of work was removing the old broken engine mounts and replacing them with fresh, new ones. The old mounts were completely fractured and the engine was unconstrained in the engine bay. Other than just being completely required, hopefully it also helps with overall drive vibration.

The next fix was replacing the speedometer pinion on the front of the differential and replacing the front differential seal. The Pinzgauer chassis is a really neat design with a centralized tube instead of a frame. It’s one of the things that gives a Pinzgauer such remarkable off-road performance, but in this case it meant that we had a lot of hardware to remove to get to the front of the differential in order to replace the pinion. To get to the speedometer pinion, you have to remove the front bumper, forward chassis structure, steering linkages, high/low cable mount, emergency brake pulley, and steering damper. Basically, the whole front end. It’s all fixed up and ready to go now. Once the new speedometer gear arrives, we can finalize the new speedometer installation. Taking the steering apart gave us a good opportunity to verify that the steering damper is healthy and happy.

Another modification was to relocate and rewire the custom reverse light. We also now have a new reverse light switch for the transmission that we will be installing soon.

We’ve continued to collect up more parts for the overall vehicle. We are happy to have our habitat entry door to design around. We really liked our military water jerry cans that we used on the Unimog, so we decided to go with the same setup on this vehicle, but we will be carrying 2 instead of the 6 that we had before. We also decided not to mount a dedicated winch to this vehicle, so we went with a cable hand winch. Having a manual winch will allow us to pull forward, backwards, or sideways, which seems like an added bonus for such a small vehicle.