Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {7/26/2020}

This week was another week of collecting our thoughts, getting ready to dig in, and ordering things for the Pinzgauer. The first thing we did was rearrange our shop and move our big milling machine out of our 2-car garage to give better room to work on the Pinzgauer. It’s really convenient that we can work on this project at home. We now have it set up so there is nice walking room all around the vehicle. We also rearranged some power strips and tools to make sure we have easy access to everything we need in the shop. It’s feeling very organized and we are ready to start in earnest.

We are continuing to order small parts and do little repairs to the Pinzgauer. We plan to continuously do upgrades to the chassis as we start designing and laying out the habitat for the back. During the installation of the electronic speedometer, I decided to pull apart the speedometer drive to inspect it. I had done the same thing on our Unimog as just a general inspection prior to the upgrade. Everything was squeaky clean on the Unimog, but unfortunately, the drive gear on the Pinzgauer was pretty much at the end of its life. New replacement parts are on their way.

As we are getting into sourcing materials and parts, we are finding that this COVID-19 situation is making things a little bit less available and sometimes significantly more expensive than they were a few months ago. For that reason, we have decided to just go ahead and order most things that we think we will need even if we don’t plan on using them right away. It seems better to just get them here so that they are available (or get on a waiting list sooner). It’s also kind of nice getting hardware early because we can design around actual hardware as we start to lay out our habitat.

We have a pretty nice habitat design going that we will talk about in a few weeks. From the beginning, we knew that we would have to make an adapter between the Pinzgauer cab rear frame and the habitat. The rear frame of the cab is canted forward at the top by 3 7/16″, so in preparation for finalizing our habitat design, we’ve decide to go ahead and fabricate that adapter. The timing actually works out quite well as we’d like to start making a new fiberglass cab roof soon as well.