Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {7/19/2020}

  • Fabricated new battery cable
  • Fabricated new fiberglass battery hold down
  • Replaced leaking oil drain crush washer
  • Tightened oil pan bolts
  • Tightened front hub seal bolts
  • Inspected and tightened steering
  • Had additional conversations with GoatWerks about fuel injection system
  • Installed door retaining spring and roller
  • Removed rifle mounts
  • Fixed broken tack weld on passenger door
  • Received composite panels
  • Received numerous small parts from Swiss Army Vehicles
  • Received composite material from Aircraft Spruce for making cab hard top
  • Received felt for hard top lining from McMaster-Carr
  • Ordered hand cable winch

We are really starting to get to know the Pinzgauer now, and we are getting into overall project planning. It’s been really helpful to receive some parts and materials to aid in the next step of design. We are also making lots of small fixes and improvements to the chassis so the truck is feeling a lot cleaner and more familiar.