Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {7/13/2020}

The first line of business with our new overland build is to clean up and inspect the Pinzgauer. Overall, the truck is in quite good shape, but we gave it a good deep cleaning so we could really see what needed worked on. There is basically zero rust on the vehicle. The coatings of the original truck are really high quality. We’ve started making a long list of little things to fix, and we have been making orders on almost a daily basis to collect parts and materials for the build.

The first priority is to fix anything on the truck that needs fixed, but we are also getting right into discussions about upgrades. Based on our experience with the Unimog, we know how small upgrades can really improve the drive-ability and general comfort of an overland vehicle. For that reason, one of the first upgrades we are doing is to install an electronic programmable VDO speedometer / odometer. The one we got is almost identical to the one we put in the Mog 2 years ago.  Other than the speedometer being generally important on its own, we found having a reliable odometer is super important for range and fuel management.

We have also started looking into components to upgrade the engine to fuel injection. It would be a relatively expensive and involved upgrade, but it seems like it would really improve drive-ability, fuel economy, and emissions.