Truck Update 1/7/18

  • Received headlight bulbs
    • These headlights can take R2, R4, or H4 bulbs. We’ve had all 3 in the truck, and they all fit. The R4’s don’t clip into the clocking key, but otherwise work fine.
  • Removed headlights, replaced headlight bulbs, reinstalled headlights and headlight covers
  • Installed down looking mirror (Grote GTE-28763) using 1/4-28 rivet nuts  (McMaster Part Number 98560A576) and Inconel (corrosion resistant) aircraft bolts
  • Prepped and painted axle hubs
  • Reinstalled fuel tank strap (we had removed it to do other work)
  • Touched up paint on inside of rims where the rims were supported during powder coat