Jeep Camper Update

This is an overdue update on this project, but here is a super quick rundown of the current state of the vehicle design and build.  Overall, it is going very well. I have been working on the project 7 days a week for the last 6 months and it is all really taking shape now.

  • We relocated back to the large shop space where we built our Unimog in 2017-2019
  • I decided to build two identical jeep campers at the same time (one for Yvonne and I and a second one for a friend)
  • The base vehicles are recent year jeep JLU wranglers
  • The finished vehicle will fit in a standard height sea container for shipping
  • The camper is 6 ft wide and 7.5 ft long inside
  • I am currently building the pop top roof that will be hinged on the forward edge
  • There will be standing height with the top up, and sitting height with the top down
  • I did a lot of design and material trades and decided on a composite sandwich panel build with an integrated steel roll bar attachment
  • I decided to go with a flat sided camper to maximize internal volume
  • I have tried to include some nice detail features like a slide out ladder that stows under the camper floor and a full sized passthrough to the cab of the jeep from the habitat
  • Like normal, I did all of the fabrication work myself (including custom composite wall panels)
  • I was able to remove 623 lb from the original jeep by cutting the back body off
  • Currently the vehicle with the nearly finished camper shell on it is under the original curb weight
  • Including almost all of the intended aftermarket upgrades, the first vehicle is currently 1,235 lb under the max GVW rating
  • After an intense 6 months of building, I “might” have the first one ready for a trip to Overland Expo West (If you are there, come find me a say hi!)
  • A friend has just arrived and is helping a ton with electrical and lots of details before Expo
  • The interior will be totally empty by Expo, but the outside of the vehicle will hopefully be pretty much finished
  • I’ve been posting all the project updates on my Instagram: @wabi_sabi_overland