Small Travel Rig Concept

Small Travel Rig Concept – Front Isometric View

This is a travel rig concept that I’ve been working on in the background for the last few years. It would be a vehicle for the 2 of us to travel in for long overland trips. The habitat has a 4′ by 6’2″ bed (convertibleĀ to a dinette), a small kitchen, and a composting toilet. I’ve played around with 23 configurations, and I kind of like this one. This is a pop top with standing height.

I’ve checked the weight and center of gravity and it would work on multiple chassis. Shown here it is incorporated into a Jeep Unlimited JKU, but it would also work on a Land Rover (130?), a G-Wagon (G320?), or a Land Cruiser (HDJ80?).

It’s just a concept, but I’d like to get input from you. What do you think?