Truck Update 10/2/2018

Thanks for all the help this week, Dale!

  • Trimmed sand ladder spacers for better fit
  • Injection pump correspondence
  • Installed EGT gauge in exhaust manifold
  • Inspected turbocharger
  • Fabricated and painted EGT gauge mount bracket
  • Disassembled dash to gain wiring access
  • Ran power for EGT gauge from tachometer circuit breaker
  • Final installed EGT gauge
  • Ran power off of 12V converter for backup camera
  • Installed backup camera and monitor on dash
  • Replaced faulty power plug on backup camera monitor
  • Started troubleshooting cab side marker light wiring
  • Shortened reverse camera monitor mount height
  • Finalized reverse camera installation
  • Final wired all habitat marker lights
  • Final wired fog lights
  • Let the smoke out of several 24V rated LED bulbs in marker lights. Evidently they were not rated for 24V.
  • Continued troubleshooting cab side marker light wiring
  • Added a 24V triggered 12V supply relay to power all marker lights
  • Capped and terminated unneeded military light wires
  • Reassembled dash and organized all wiring harnesses