Truck Update 4/22/18

  • Final installed cab inner passthrough frame
  • Ordered fender mount hardware
  • Disposed of old passenger bench seat
  • Cut square spacer washers for mid section of subframe under floor
  • Drilled oversized holes in spacer washers
  • Painted kitchen cabinet / pantry gloss white
  • Measured dimensions to make rock shield for top of rear fenders
  • Started laying out new position for muffler assembly
  • Started kitting muffler assembly parts
  • Ordered SBU OEM ignition key blanks from Expedition Imports
  • Welded muffler in new position
  • Removed aft under bed box mounts and jerry can mount in preparation for subframe painting
  • Fabricated exhaust and muffler mount brackets
  • Fabricated and match drilled rock shields for top of rear fenders
  • Welded on muffler bracket and bolted muffler mount bracket to old spare tire mount holes
  • Painted muffler mount
  • Removed driver side under bed storage mount in preparation for subframe painting