Truck Update 12/3/17

Things we did this week:

  • Disassembled dash instrument cluster
  • Disassembled duplex pressure air gauge
  • Found location of air leak on gauge (base solder joint on bourdon tube)
  • Re-soldered, pressure checked, and calibrated bourdon tube
  • Re-machined pressure gauge mounting collars
  • Reassembled instrument cluster
  • Reinstalled instrument cluster in truck
  • Cleaned, paint prepped, and painted battery tray
  • Designed, fabricated, welded, and painted battery hold down
  • Measured cab ladder areas

List of things we received this week:

  • 2 new batteries (NAPA BAT 7256 Size: 6TL)
  • 6 quarts of battery acid (likely not enough)
  • Webasto engine coolant heater (Thermo Top C 12V 5KW 1311551A)
  • Transmission fluid (Redline Synthetic MT-85, 75W-85 (GL-4))
  • Hubs/Axles fluid (Redline Synthetic 75W-90 (GL-5))
  • Replacement driver side seat belt

Things we ordered this week:

  • Battery hold down studs
  • Material to make a replacement hazard light button for dash
  • New higher lumen headlight bulbs (Hella H4/9003/HB2 24V Halogen Bulb)