Pinzgauer Overland Build Log {10/11/2020}

We intend to keep as much of the Pinzgauer body as stock as possible, but we did need to fabricate an adapter for the B Pillar assembly on the back of the cab so that there was a nice, flat, vertical surface to interface with the future habitat. It’s also nice because because it adds a little bit of a beef up to the nearly nonexistent Pinzgauer roll bar.

We added the finishing touches to the custom cab hardtop this week. The outside got a nice, glossy coat of white paint and we put speckled texture paint on the inside surface. It looks really sharp. On previous projects, we have really liked using 1/2″ thick wool felt as a headliner material. After cutting the felt to a pleasing shape, we bonded it to the underside of the hardtop using urethane adhesive. It should make a big improvement on temperature and noise in the cab.

We also did a few small general upgrades. We installed the new electronic tachometer and fit checked the new engine cover. It all looked good.