Travel Log 7/21/19

We have really appreciated the beautiful places that we have visited. After making our goal of arriving at the Arctic Ocean, our travel back south has been slow and relaxing. One nice thing about backtracking on a road that you have previously traveled is that you have a better idea about where you would like to spend time. We spent several days at a few camp sites that were particularly nice. There also were a few stretches of road that were particularly scenic and we enjoyed driving them at night when the arctic sun was low on the horizon and producing a beautiful evening glow.

There was a huge variety of road conditions. In some places, the road conditions are quite poor: lots of pot holes, washboard, and deep gravel. But there are some places, like specifically in the Northwest Territories, where the road conditions are exceptionally nice and highway speed on the gravel surface is very comfortable to drive in our truck.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting several other expedition truck couples like us. It’s nice to share experiences and vehicle build details with like minded people.