Travel Log 6/9/19

We’ve had some pretty cool firsts: we put the truck on a ferry and it was super sweet. $19 to save us 4 hours of driving is not too bad! We also had a good border crossing into British Columbia. We had everything in order so it went very smoothly. Mostly, the border crossing agent wanted to know where he could get a truck like ours. He actually seemed sort of serious about it.

British Columbia is an interesting place. It almost reminds us of California in that it has a lot of variety.

The days are getting much longer, and it’s not getting fully dark at night anymore. It’s also been interesting because we have been watching the season reverse. When we left Washington state, it seemed like early summer. As we’ve driven north, it has started to seem more like early spring and now we have been passing through areas where there aren’t leaves on the deciduous trees yet.